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​​Welcome into my "doula" world

​Research shows that the support of a doula leads to:

• 50% reduction in caesarean rates.
• 25% shorter labour
• 60% reduction in epidural requests.
• 30% reduction in analgesia usage.
• 40% reduction in forceps.

It helps fathers to participate with confidence, and increases mum's success with breastfeeding.

You may particularly benefit from my support if:


Before birth:

• You are expecting your first baby and do not know where to start.

• You want to know more about pregnancy and childbirth and you do not know where to look for more or for different information.

• You are scared, do not worry, this is not only common but normal.

• You have previously had a traumatic birth or simply not the experience you originally wished for.

• You would like 100% continuity of care throughout labour that the NHS cannot provide.
• You want to ensure that your birth plan is respected.
• You want help to make your partner feeling involved/you are a partner and would like to be involved but you are not sure what to do.
• You simply want someone that supports you during labour

After birth:

• You may want support with breastfeeding.

You feel low, lonely or would just like some grown up company.

If you want some help to get used to the new routine.
• If you want someone to look after your baby while you take a nap or have a shower.



Sounds good? Are you interested?

Have a look at my Me as a doula page to know more about the doula role and my belief about birth or have a look at my Services page for a full description of the services I offer. 

Alternatively, contact me for an informal, friendly and FREE meeting which will allow us to get to know each other and to discuss your needs further.

Welcome to my website, if you are here you are probably pregnant or you just had a baby, Congratulations!

I am Valentina, a doula working in Cardiff.
I am a specifically trained to give emotional and practical support during the pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period, leading to more satisfying and empowered experiences for the mother and her partner. 

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