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​Me as a doula


Why a doula?

In our society birth is very often seen as an illness that needs tests and treatments. The common image of labour is a woman screaming in pain.

Please take some time and watch videos of natural birth on You Tube and you will discover a new way of giving birth that will positively impact on your way of parenting and your baby's life.

In this society where we are so unfamiliar with the process of giving birth, the doula is a massive step forward - a new profession to cover an ancient role.

In the past women supported each other during childbirth, now that we live far away from our family, we tend to give birth in the presence of doctors or have a midwife who we never met before.  This, coupled with the misleading effects of the media, results in the fact that women have lost their knowledge and confidence to give birth naturally. It was my personal experience of feeling scared and lonely during pregnancy and childbirth that inspired me to become a doula.
In these years I have worked as a doula I have gained lots of experience and I have not only improved the support I can offer but I have added several services too, all included within my doula services, i.e. I don't charge extra for additional services.

What I can offer you

I have been trained on the process of birth, on the natural course as well on the most common medical procedures. I keep myself update on the last researches and on the best practices in labour and birth.
I am knowledgeable on the best position to adopt during labour, on coping strategies, on how partners can help and support you. I love to work with dads, listening to their wishes and empowering them to find the role that make them feel at ease and I absolutely do not take their place.
I am a Doula UK recognised doula from 2012 which means that I have attained a particular level of learned skills and experience.
I take my knowledge very seriously and in the last years I have attended several developing skills workshop/classes to be able to offer you more.
Within my doula services I include a complete birth preparation for you and any other birth partner, so that when labour starts everything is in place and can go with the flow. My aim is to let you concentrate on your birth while I take care of anything else.​
​I am trained in teaching self hypnosis for birth, we can discuss how hypnosis works and how it can help you to achieve the birth you want. I don't follow one specific method but I tailor hypnosis on your needs and experiences. I offer help in choosing your affirmations and anchors and involve partners as well. We can practice hypnosis together but with practice you will be able to use hypnosis during the birth as well as in any other stressful circumstance.
I can offer help with homeopathy during pregnancy and childbirth.


Another of my interests is the rebozo technique. The rebozo is a shawl traditionally used in Mexico to give comfort to labouring women and to help the baby to find his way out.  
I can help you to write your birth plan and I can ensure that it will be respected.


I do not give advice or cover a medical role but I am able to point you in the right direction to get the necessary information allowing you can make informed choices.
A positive birth experience can be reached at home or in hospital, with or without pain relief. I do not know how you should give birth but I can help you to find your own unique way of giving birth and to become a parent. I will never judge your choices, I just support them.​


I also offer emotional support after the birth. I can debrief your birth, I listen to you. I can be there to help you with practical things such as bathing the baby or helping with bottle or breastfeeding or to take care of the baby so you can have a break for a nap, a shower.​ My support will make you feel happier and you will finds it easier to take care of your baby and can lower the chances of postnatal depression.



My training and experience

  • I completed my doula training with Nurturing Birth in 2011*. 
  • I am a recognised Doula UK doula from 2012*.
  • I have been a chair at Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board for 3 years
  • I have attended a series of developing skills courses*, :
Preparing Birth,
Rebozo Workshop,
self hypnosis for birth,
homeopathy in pregancy and childbirth
and more.
  • I hold a CRB check*
  • I Have been a Doula Mentor for Doula UK between 2015 to 2020
  • I am a Nurturing Birth Doula Mentor since 2016
* I provide certificates at the initial meeting.

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